We will meet again

Hello, this is the Namaste team.

There is the Tihar festival in Nepal this week, so the town is very lively. Because of the festival, the Nepalese take a break from work and spend time with their family, but the staffs of JEN went to the village of Bhimtal in Sindhupalchok county for monitoring.

Through the monitoring, we found out that the living necessities, bedding, and school supplies we had distributed to the villagers and students were used with great care.

Before JEN had distributed beddings, there were people who had slept on a piece of plastic sheet on the floor of their temporary housing. Now, the parents and the child have to share the mattress that JEN provided, but they happily told as how they are sleeping better than they were when they were sleeping on a plastic sheet.

As for the living necessities, the people use them everyday but store them with care so they can be used for special occasions as well.

JEN was able to distribute living necessities, bedding, and goods to 1570 households and iron sheets to 154 households. We also distributed school supplies to 2600 students. Even still, many Nepalese are living in with no housing and living supplies.

JEN’s activities at Nepal will end mid-November but with the help of other charities of Nepal, we will continue to aid them. Next week, JEN staff from Tokyo will go on a business trip to Nepal, and we will report to you the voices of the local Nepalese in more detail.

[Receiving the bedding to bring back to their house]

[Students using their precious school supplies]

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November 12, 2015 in Nepal |


Voices from women and girls

Today, in 29 October, Nepal has got the first female president in its history. The new president is expected to further participation of women in the society and in the field of politics.

However, women and girls have been suffering from many difficulties after the great earthquake in April.
According to the research by the United Nations, 70% of women are spending more time than before for taking care of children and family members or labor like drawing water. It also shows the fact that 70% of women have shortened their time for rest and sleep. There is also a report saying that after the earthquake the number of trafficking in girls has got increased twice as much as in the normal.

What you can see in Nepal is these difficulties for female, but we can also find that women are positively stepping forward to the future, like a schoolgirl saying that  she “will study hard to become a teacher or nurse” after JEN gave her the school supplies.

JEN believes that distributing the school supplies encouraged and gave an opportunity for improving the education standard of the girls.  Monitoring it until the middle of November, JEN will continue to support Nepal.

[Women in Nepal work very hard]

[Both girls and boys go to school]

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October 29, 2015 in Nepal |


Really Thanks for Coming

Hello, this is Namaste Team.

This week we want to report the situation of the distribution of galvanized plates.

In this week, we distributed galvanized plates to 155 households in the disaster area to reinforce their temporary housing in Kavre County, Nayagaun Village.

The main target of the distribution was people who have been in economically hard situation since before the disaster, people who were called Dalit, that meant the low position of caste and could not afford to have place to live. They could not buy materials to reinforce their houses because their money supplied from Nepalese Government was enough only for their food. So they had to build their temporary housing by weak materials like bamboo and wood. They had to live in housings which roof had holes and raindrops fell into their housings.

That was why JEN determined to distribute galvanized plates so that they can reinforce their roofs.
After distribution, people in the village talked with smiles, “We are finally able to sleep under the fine roofs. Up to now we have been suffering from the leaky roofs , but thanks to these galvanized plates, we must be able to spend the winter season without troubles.”
They also said, “Though other agencies were also talking about distribution of galvanized plates, only JEN executed it. We really appreciate you.”

JEN started to dispatch residence staffs to Nepal from Jun. To support the sufferers’ recovery, we already distributed commodity and bedclothes to 1,568 households and galvanized plates to 155 households. We also supplied stuffs for study to over 2,600 students.

However, over 500,000 people still need supports to fulfill basic needs, for example offering shelter, education, foods and medical services. We, JEN continue to be base in the village until the end of this month to continue the activities. After that, we are going to follow the situation in Nepal by visits and interview from cooperating organizations in Nepal.

【It needs to be careful to carry galvanized plate on dangerous roads】

【Ladies and kids are waiting for the distribution】

【Villagers check the galvanized plates】

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

October 22, 2015 in Nepal |


With people in Nepal

It has been half a year since the earthquake in Nepal took place. Unfortunately, still over five hundred thousand citizen are desire aid shelter and daily necessities and living under the circumstance with insufficient food.

This week, supplies were provided to 260 households to the village of Tanapathi of the district of Nuwakot who were not able receive daily necessities and bedding because of the rainy seasons.  The villagers are prepared for the coldness with blankets and mats so that they can survive this cold coming winter.

[A woman who received a package of living items]

Furthermore, JEN asked for cooperation to the NGO staff in RAPARUTE, the village develop committee which represents the village administrative organization to select distribution items, operate distribution and monitor for their activities in Nepal.

Since the project was planned from the beginning to the stage of monitoring with the collaboration of the local NGO and the villagers with JEN. Therefore, this became an opportunity to experience a new action for the local NGO staff and villagers.

We hope that the staff of LALUPATE are able to take action efficiently and recalls their procedure they experienced with JEN. They are expected to be able to carry out, such as purchasing distribution goods on a scheduled time line from the suppliers, distributing based on the time line and so on.

When JEN correspondence to these natural disaster area, JEN always trying to collaborate with the local people and to promote their ability. This will help the local people ability to correspondence and prevent natural disaster by themselves. JEN is supporting to bring up the ability of the local people leads to support themselves.

[Children in school]

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October 15, 2015 in Nepal |


The Impact of Gasoline Shortage

Hello from the Namaste Team!

Nepal’s new constitution came into effect on September 20. Due to protests against the new constitution, the roads connecting India and Nepal have been blocked. This has caused imports of supplies such as fuel from India to slow down, resulting in a shortage of gasoline. Citizens are unable to drive their cars, and delivery of supplies by NGOs and international organizations are stagnating.

At JEN, the Nepalese project officer contacted various parties and managed to secure gasoline, enabling us to continue our distribution activities. This incident taught us the hard lesson of how seriously political conditions affect our activities, as well as the necessity to maintain a certain amount of fuel storage, no matter which country we operate in going forward.

As the villagers know well that gasoline is in need, they were genuinely surprised when JEN staff arrived to distribute supplies this week. They welcomed our staff as always, with very gentle smiles.

JEN has already completed distribution of daily items and bedding to 8,000 families and school supplies to 2,600 students in Sindhupalchok and Kavre districts. We will continue our efforts to secure gasoline this week, and strive to deliver supplies as soon as possible to all of the affected people in need of assistance.

Girl in first grade

On the way home from school

A mother told us that daily supplies provided by JEN are being helpful.

Your kind contribution will be delivered to people who were affected by the disaster through JEN.

October 8, 2015 in Nepal |


Supply Distribution and Children’s Human Rights

Hello from Namaste Team. Today we will talk about the distribution of basic goods (e.g. dish and cookware) and bedclothes in Bhimtal village in Sindhupalchok District.
Goods like dish and cookware is essential for daily life. However, for disaster victims who are struggling to make ends meet every day, it is not easy to buy the supply. Some families are under strained circumstances where subvention is not left after buying food.

JEN hopes distribution of dish, cookware, and blankets for winter help ease up disaster victims’ family budget.




Victims are in economic difficulty after disaster. In this situation, there may be a risk of human-rights abuse especially for girls. The legal age for marriage is 18 in Nepal, but some girls are forced to marry young, at the age of 14 or so, from dire poverty.

JEN believes it is important to continue the support talked above to protect the human rights of children.

Your kind contribution will be delivered to people who were affected by the disaster through JEN.

October 1, 2015 in Nepal |


Medicines to heal their heartache

Hello, this is Namaste team.

We had lots of challenge to distribute relief supplies because of a
landslide by rain this week. However, as planned, we could complete to
distribute school supplies to 2600 students who go to 12 public schools in
Bhimtal village of Sindhupalchok and Nayagaun village of Kavre, with
support by people in those villages.

【it is hard to cross the river due to rain】


【we carry white board on the mountain road. It is hard work】

【children checking the contents】

【children cleaned up the packing together after they received the supplies】

【children with joys】

When we distributed the school supplies, the school principle, the parents
and the students sent great message to us

For example, the school principle said as follows with seeing the children
are carrying their school bags.

“By using the same goods, children can be united smoothly. People in this
village can also work hard together.”

Parents said as follows

“Just one hour after the earthquake, we looked around schools in our
village and found the schools broke down.  Since we worked hard to be a
number one village of the education in Kavre, we were completely at our
wit's end.  However, we want to recover as the number one village of
education in Kavre by ourselves.  We’ve started to talk with our village
development committee, and then met JEN.  JEN provided school supplies
which made our children happy.  We felt like we received medicines to heal
our pains.

A girl at 5th grade shared her dream. Her dream is to continue study and
become a nurse.

With their words, we feel that the school supplies could also support the
revival of children and people in the villages.

We will continue to support the revival of their life in Nepal by
distributing kitchen supplies, dishes, bed clothes and galvanized iron

Your kind contribution will be delivered to people who were affected by the disaster through JEN.

September 24, 2015 in Nepal |


People in Nepal and their self-sustainability

Hello, my name is Rajeeb in Namaste Team.
Today I will talk about people in Nepal and their self-sustainability.

【Rajeeb and kids】

Nearly 5 months has passed after April 2015 Nepal earthquake. However, 2.8 million people are still in need of support. It has been taking long time to provide support because of closed roads from rainy season or caused by demonstrations. In some cases, we have to wait until the dry-season comes, sometime till October, to aid delivery.

We often hear that everybody in community in Nepal are helping and supporting each other in such difficult situation with serious damage. I’m deeply touched by these stories.

One of the stories we heard is like this. A private residence at the back of JEN’s office was in danger of collapse after the earthquake. People in the community hand in hand tore down the building safely with their own repair tools. People at farming village help each other cleaning up rubbles and fixing roads. Young people and kids deliver relief supplies and water for people in delicate health and the elderly. Everyone is helping each other.

【People maintain road in village】

JEN had talked with people in each village of Kavre, Sindhupalchok, and Nuwakot District and decided the content of aid supplies. Our decision was derived from an understanding of their strong spirit of helping each other and their will for self-sustaining.
One of the relief goods is school supplies. JEN hope to help children continue to get education by providing the school goods. We think this may result in cultivating human resources capable of contributing in building disaster-resistant nation

【A boy receiving school supplies with a little bit nervous look】

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September 17, 2015 in Nepal |



Hello. This is Namaste Team.

This week, we distributed school supplies such as school bags, textbooks, and notebooks in Nayagon Village, Kavre County. We were able to give support to 1,250 pupils at six schools.



Everybody goes to school walking on a mountain path. We walked on the path for several days to distribute supplies and found that the path used up even adults’ energy. When the pupils received the supplies, they were pleased and walked very merrily.



After the earthquake, many families got impoverished in Nepal. Poverty of the households led children to face with dangerous situations like child labor, human traffic and child marriage. JEN’s support for letting children go to school helps protect the children’s safety and rights.

UNICEF and several international NGOs worked together to carry out a survey of 1,838 pupils in May and June, following the earthquake. The survey revealed what the children felt about this earthquake and what they suggested for the future recovery. Many children want their homes and schools to be earthquake-proof. Also, according to the survey, it is most important for children to be able to keep going to school after the earthquake.

Along with the distribution of school supplies, JEN will build disaster-proof schools and community, discussing the ways to get over the present hardships with children, teachers and parents. We are going forward to restoration, respecting locals’ independence.


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September 10, 2015 in Nepal |


In order for children to go back to school

Hello this is Namaste team.

JEN provides school supplies to 2,600 children who lost textbooks, uniforms, and stationeries by the earthquake.
In this week, we are in the process of checking the school supplies to be distributed to elementary and junior high schools in Nayagaun village of Kavre county.

Offering school supplies will allow children to go back to school, and interaction with friends will make them feel better, as a result, they may recover from the shock caused by the earthquake.

It is a sad fact that, after the earthquake, hundreds of children in Nepal have been victimized by human traffic. There are many cases where human traffic organization deceived parents by taking advantage of their straitened circumstances, and took the children away from them. It has been already 4 months, yet it amounted 331 children who have suffered from human traffic and been protected by shelter.

JEN believes that our support for children to go back to school will protect them from risk such as human traffic and will secure the peaceful place for them. Furthermore, we are going to continue assistance to the straitened households by delivering daily necessities, bedclothes, and galvanized plate.

【Even early school year students study very hard】

【Let’s go home together】

【Having fun on the way home】

We need your help to provide more prompt assistance.
We have opened the fund-raising account for emergency assistance to the earthquake in Nepal.

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September 3, 2015 in Nepal |


Greetings from our new staff “To get children go back to school”

Hello there, we are Namaste Team.

We, Namaste Team has been preparing to distribute school supplies and it is going well. We will distribute them in Nayagaun Villiage, Kavre County next week.

[Women are sewing bags for children]


Children whose school uniforms were buried too deep to dig out have been going to school in plain clothes. Children share their textbooks with other children who lost them. So although they somehow manage to get by without necessities, it is urgently needed to distribute school supplies such as textbooks.


As many families suffer from lack of daily supplies or leaky roofs, we work with residents in the village to try to distribute daily supplies or galvanized plates as fast as possible. However, we have roads blocked due to the mudslides in the rainy season, it should take a while until we will get to distribute those daily supplies or galvanized plates.

Addition to the weather issue, we also have another which is frequent rally against the government for trying to institute a new constitution. That has caused clashes with police or blocked roads. JEN’s project has been carried out carefully with the current situation and safety.

Those people affected by the disaster have suffered harshly. Despite the hardships they face, they do not forget to smile and be nice to us every time we visit the village.

Our project is not going as we planned due to the rallies and mudslides. But we are committed to carrying it out with the mind not to forget to smile and be grateful.

[These kind 2 girls went to get fresh water, even for her friends. The school doesn’t have safe drinking water resource, students need to bring bottle with them.]

[Thank you for the adorable smile for the pic!]

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August 27, 2015 in Nepal |


Kindness of village people in Nepal is their culture

Hello!Everyone. I am Luca from Namaste Team.

[The left is Luca]

I have been working as an assistant since the JEN’s Nepal activity started. The most impressive activity so far was that I was visited earthquake victims, they showed us their daily lives and we reaffirmed the good things about people in Nepal.

The place I visited was Tanapathi Village in Nuwakot District. After I moved by car and I walk about more than 30 minutes, I saw people including elderly people, young women who were working in the paddy field. The women invited me, “Would you please help us together?


Village people always talked to us positively and JEN staff from the city created a warm atmosphere for us to adjust to the village life.


Village people live in the temporary or repaired houses. The situation is very severe because they lost their families, livestock. Also all of the furniture and equipment were broken. Children were disappointed because the school textbook and bags could not be used anymore.

Despite of such situation, they gave fruits and cones to us who came here for the preparation of activity and welcomed us with smile.

I felt the sense of gracefulness when I saw women in the village because they worked on agriculture seriously with remained agricultural equipment even if their houses were broken and most of their stuffs were gone.

Through visiting the village, I felt that one of the most important culture for people in Nepal is rich mind such as kindness and humility.

It took about more than five hours for returning home, however, it was a worthwhile experience for me to visit affected village.

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August 20, 2015 in Nepal |


Getting ready for living and learning

Hello everyone. This is the Namaste team!

Namaste Team is now getting ready to gather and distribute supplies and commodities based on the needs survey done in July.

We are preparing to distribute iron sheets used for strengthening houses during the rainy season, tableware, cooking goods, water containers blankets and bedding (to prepare for the winter) to 1,650 households.

【The bag we distribute】

In addition, we are working toward distributing school goods to 2,600 students in 13 elementary and middle schools.

In order to review the contents of relief supplies such as the ones above, we must be able to properly understand the needs of the victims. Along with the Nepalese survey mobilizer, we visited 510 households in Nuwakot County Tanapati Village and Kavuru County Nayagan village individually to learn about the problems and needs they faced.

Through the investigation, we found out some important things. For example, all households have received 15,000 rupees (about 18,000 yen) as earthquake benefit from the government of Nepal. However, in households from low castes that do not own farmland, the money they received from the government must be used for food, and cannot be used to reinforce their collapsed houses.

Therefore, JEN will distribute iron plates to villages where many of the minority low caste households live, and will continue to support them to withstand the rainy season.

Because houses had been completely destroyed, another serious matter is that bedding and tableware have all been destroyed. Since there are very little plates, 2 people first eat together, and after the first two finish eating, the next 2 start eating, like a relay. 

Furthermore, before the earthquake, drinking water from the mountain spring was supplied through a pipe system smoothly, but after the earthquake, the spring’s water supply has been depleted. Now, it takes more time to draw the water, or it becomes necessary to find other water sources, and it seems to have come to be very time consuming to fetch water than before.

Hence, JEN will distribute water containers to the villagers so that they can store water in households, and try to reduce the labor of fetching water as much as possible.

JEN, together with victims of the Nepal earthquake will continue to promote activities towards the disaster reconstruction.


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August 6, 2015 in Nepal |


Life on mountains in Nepal

Hello, this is the report from Namaste Team.

We have been investigating Nuwakot County, Sindhupalchok County and Kavre County in this week, too.

As a result, we found many houses have problems that they do not have enough kitchenware and bedclothes which should be conserved in their houses. We clearly knew we have to provide such stuffs for their life immediately.

In addition, we found it is desired to get stationary and school bags by not only kids but also their parents to support them to restart education.

[A temporary elementary school made of woods and galvanized plates. It may not be possible to exist even for 3 months because of serious damage by termites.]

Furthermore, they need more supply, for example galvanized plates and some goods to pass the winter. It is rainy season now, so a lot of houses just covered by old galvanized roof and plastic are damaged by thunder and rain every day. In addition, they have to prevent from the cold winter season a few months later.

「Tents and houses which are covered only by old galvanized plates.]

I have never experienced the winter season in Nepal, so it is hard for me to imagine severity of the winter season on mountains which elevation is over 1,000 meters. Therefore JEN is planning to distribute useful stuffs like blankets to pass the winter.

[A temporary cement house which floor stands one meter with galvanized roof. As this house is made of wood, some parts have serious problems of termites.]

We will start distribution of living ware, bedclothes, blankets to pass the winter and stationary for children to restart education in these three counties.

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August 3, 2015 in Nepal |


“Rice without water” and “Rice with water”

Hello everyone. I am Haraguchi of Namaste Team.
I would like to report that the situation of the disaster of the village in mountains.

Nepal which has the highest mountains in the world is a country surrounded by mountains.

Cities and towns are made among mountains and most of village people live in the slope or top of the mountains. When I research the needs of the people who have not reached the support for the disaster, I could see the lives in the mountains.

Now, Nepal is the rainy season (July-August) and it is in the midst of rice planting everywhere.

Nepal has a double-cropping system of rice and the rice in the first season was harvested before the rainy season.

They call it “Rice without water”

Rice they are currently planting is called “Rice with water” and they are more delicious than “Rice without water.” I understand it somehow.

While I was researching Tanapathi Village in Nuwakot District (2 and half hours’ drive from Kathmandu, the capital city), I passed a woman who is holding a mountain of dishes. She is Ms. Durga, the 8th month’s pregnant woman.

All of her family members are doing rice planting. I met her when she was on her way home from the rice field where she brought lunch to her family.

【A women holding dishes walked from the other side. Her big belly. When I ask her nervously, she is the 8th month pregnant as I imagined. She was on her way home from rice field where all of her family was doing rice planting.】

While I was thinking it was something like that in the old days in Japan, Ms. Durga carried the dishes with seeding of rice in her both hands on the unstable rice field road despite of the 8th month of pregnancy.

When I said “She worked very hard even if she is pregnant”, the local staff said “Do you know “OSHIN” The name of “OSHIN” is well-known and some parents give the name to the baby

Nepalese women are hard worker. They had sad experiences in the disaster but they work positively to go forward.
JEN is working on the supporting activity with like these cheerful women for the recovery from the disaster.

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July 23, 2015 in Nepal |


We are Just on the Investigation of the Villages

Hello, this is Namaste Team!

We have been investigating the areas in Nepal which still need supports for the rehabilitation in this week. The areas mean Tanapathi Village in Nuwakot County (Which has 900 households), Bhimtal Village in Sindhupalchok County (1,244 households), Yanahon Village in Kavre County (1,150 households) and a couple of other villages.

According to the committee of development of the village and interviews with villagers, many inhabitants desire residence, shelters to conserve foods, bedclothes for winter season, food and water which can be stocked for a long time.

It means there is a problem it is hard to conserve foods because of damage of a house, even if they can get enough foods.

To talk about schools, as almost all schools are totally broken, they need temporary school buildings to continue children’s education.

Through this investigation, we keenly felt we still need long time for rehabilitation and that we especially need preparation for the winter season and support to restart children’s educaton.

【A teacher of the school and Mr. Rajeeb. The walls have cracks.】

【The temporary school building in which they have classes】

【Mr. Rajeeb surrounded by some kids. He has a short break during the investigation.】

【Villagers whose house was broken are living in tents.】

【An old lady talked crying about the disaster.】

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July 16, 2015 in Nepal |


Nepal, Namaste team is making progress in a muddy road, rabbit

Today, I went to Nuwakot  for research. The road was impassable because of the rain. Falling rocks blocked the road and forced us to make a detour.  It took more than five hours to the place.  Even under the environment, JEN's Namaste team has continued field research to see the victims and understand the necessary support.




We heard that other organizatoins have also difficulties to go to the place because of the similar situation. For example, they couldn't drive a car in a muddy road, then climbed a mountain to the place, and finally took 6 hours for the round trip. Another example is that the road was blocked by a landslide. They had to stay several nights at a ex-bird house of private home in order to go to the place.

The grieving woman who is one of the victims and lost her daughter and granddaughter said "Even I were  poor, I don't need anything if I can go back to my life with family".

People tell us their fear of the aftershocks and anxiety to theri life because the number of sightseeing people decreased dramatically. Even in the situation, I'm impressed by positive young people who are working hard to clean up a heap of rubble.


We think our best approach to supper their recovery as soon as possible as
people who experienced the same massive earthquake.

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July 9, 2015 in Nepal |


Listening to the victims emotional voice

While we were walking along the pile of the debris bricks, two sisters were sitting quietly in the shade.

When Prativa called out to the two, a girl becoming 20 years old talked dispassionately what had happened. She is a woman of the representatives of an NGO working on this support by collaboration as a partner group of JEN .

The debris in front of her was the house where she used to live.
Married at the age 17, the earthquake took place on her third year marriage. She lost her beloved husband due to this earthquake.

I was standing in front of the brick debris that killed her husband that time. I recognized and apologized to her. It was the moment I remonstrate myself that I was being like an outsider unconsciously.

When we continue our supporting action, we hear many stories from the many victims about their hard times losing their family, the desire to recover.
As a professional supporting organization, we will proceed our action helping each other, and keep in touch the people at the local area, take good care of a once-in-time moment, achieving recovery and independence.


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July 2, 2015 in Nepal |


A message from the staff "Namaste!"

tIt's been 2 months since the earthquake happened on April 25th. There are still many people who were affected by the disaster living in the undesirable environment with no food and necessity goods. In the mountainous area, mudslide has been seriously concerned and also the mid to long term reconstruction effort is needed. 

As of today: June 25th, there was an international conference in the capital city Kathmandu. Japanese government announced that it is going to donate 260,000,000 dollars (about 320million dollars) to help the country to rebuild schools, houses and hospitals.

JEN will be working closely with the organizations in Nepal to work on supporting the Nepali victims to rebuild their lives. We plan to deliver food and necessity goodies to people who live in the remote area where enough aid wouldn't reach to.

Upon distributing the aid goodies in the village, we will offer some necessary knowledge on safe food storing, hygiene action, how to protect yourself from aftershocks  or rainy season.

Staff from Japan arrived in Kathmandu and started working physically to coordinate with local government where JEN will operate in Nepal and our partners. Tamayo Haraguchi on site is blending in the area as she is already greeting “Namaste!”

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June 25, 2015 in Nepal |


A message from a person in charge of emergency assistance

Coordination with local government and partnership organizations have
now really started in the center of Nepal, like Dhading and Nuwakot.
We’d like to share a message from Rajeeb Khanal who is from Nepal and being
in charge for leading emergency assistance of the earthquake in Nepal

“Dear all, I have worked for JEN from 1994 to 2005. I have led various
emergency assistances of JEN in the former Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka and
India etc. A big earthquake happened in Nepal which is my home
country. Immediately after the earthquake, I strongly wanted to
support the people of my country and their recovery. Now, I have
started to prepare our supporting activity with JEN’s colleagues.

I will report the situation of the places where we support and the
voice of people every week. Your kind contribution is important to
people who affected by the disaster in Nepal. I’d highly appreciate
your support.”


Please view the followings are various supporting activities by Rajeeb in the past.

■Support for refugees because of ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia

The details are here

■Emergency support for the sufferers from the Indian ocean tsunami (Sri Lanka)

The details are here

■Emergency support for the big earthquake in Gujarat, India

The details are here

【Photo : When Rajeeb started Sri Lanka assistance for a recovery from a
big earthquake in Gujarat, India  (second from the right)】
*This activity is executed based on cooperation from supporters and
Japan platform.

June 19, 2015 in Nepal |


Relief effort to revive the life of victims.

On April 25th, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit mid Nepal killed more than 8,600 people and affected more than 8million people.

Since it happen, JEN has been researching to figure out what's happening there. The deviated area in Nepal, many relief efforts have been managed to reach to those in need despite the extremely difficult environment due to their usual living environment and geographical conditions.

In June, it marked 2 months since the disaster happened. There are other effect by aftershocks and also many people who were affected by the disaster still sleep in the tents, eat limited amount of food bit by bit to survive.

"Rural area" in Nepal means harsh mountainous area we, living in Japan, can imagine .  In these areas are where it is hard to get to by car even before the disaster happened. Residents usually commute on foot.  Many of the disaster areas are located in the remote areas as mentioned above that disaster relief aid groups need to carry goods by waking for 1-2 days. That has been causing the shortage of needed relief support.

In addition to the fact that those areas are difficult to reach out to, there are social issues to be concerned in the area. There is a report that people who were unfairly discriminated when receiving relief support due to their lower social class, ethnically minority groups, communities where females are in charge of families. Especially children have been greatly traumatized by flashback and fear of the earthquake as well as having lost their families and homes.

JEN specifically serve people affected by the disaster; especially those people in the area isolated from the support, by offering the urgent needs such as relief supplies. Also, we are planning to launch a project to offer farming tools to them so that they can start farming again to support themselves to overcome the disaster and gain rebuild their life again. To children, we are going to provide stationaries and sports equipment. This is how we are going to encourage adults to recover from the disaster, and children to start having fun in a safe and secured life. We hope they will be motivated to study again in the environment.

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June 18, 2015 in Nepal |


Nepal earthquake: A picture has been arrived.

JEN has been conducting a detailed research of the regions
where relief effort has not yet been reached. Especially we focus on 8 districts in Northeastern region.
Here is a picture we finaly received.


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May 28, 2015 in Nepal |


JEN dispatches an expert team to Nepal.

JEN dispatches its expert team to Nepal.

Our team there is now preparing for the emergency goods distribution and further assistance in the area NOT covered by the current assistance.

Further information will be fed upon receipt updates from the field.

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Your kind contribution will be delivered to people who affected by the disaster through JEN.

May 22, 2015 in Nepal |