A report from JEN emergency support team-2


The picture shows piles of waste that used to be the victims’ household items.
According to the team (as of 17th April), the victims’ needs on the ground were NFIs (Non-Food Items); and water, blankets, nappies for babies and elderlies such as necessities for everyday life.
Due to continuous aftershocks, the damages in the affected areas are changing rapidly, and so as needs on the ground. JEN has co-operated with the local authorities and we have organising the support activities.
Following the updates from the team will be posted soon here in the report.

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April 17, 2016 in Emergency SupportKumamoto |


A Report from JEN emergency support Team-1

Initial emergency support Team is sent to Kumamoto, Japan in 15th April, 2016. Their first mission was the research of quake damages in Kumamoto. 
he damages were seemed like very intensive, however, there was the main shock in the midnight of 16th April.

Due to the main shock, the situation completely changed; at the same time, entire member of the team in Kumamoto was safe.

Now, the team is working out what we can do and what the local people’s needs are.

Following the details from the team will be updated soon here in the report.

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April 16, 2016 in Emergency SupportKumamoto |