Needs Survey for 2013 activities

JEN have started surveys to investigate the needs for school environment and health education programs from late June. This survey is for our activities planned in 2013.

JEN is planning to operate our programs in two districts located in the most west part of Parwan province, Shikh Ali district and Surkh Parsa district next year. These two districts are remoted from Charikar district, where we have our domitory, by other neighbouring two districts which anti-goverment forces are still active. Due to this reason we are paying a great attention to the safety plan and analizing the latest security situation in these districts.

Untill today we have completed hearing survey to teachers, people in the community and parents in 31 schools in Shikh Ali district and 39 schools in Surkh Parsa district. We would like to show you the cuurent situation of schools in these districts.

This kind of house made of clay is called “Katcha”. There are many Katchas in Afganistan and other regions like Pakistan and India. These houses are very vulnerable to natural disaster and can be a risk to children's safety.

The School buildings were built by concrete but inside are in decay. Some schools have no desks.

Many schools are short of rooms or even having no rooms for classroom. Therefore students have to study outside under the strong sunlight.

This is a toilet in one school. We found many toilets which are not sanitary sufficient.

Since there are no water pipes, wells, or places to wash their hands, students are using water in the place like nearby river to wash their hands and also drinking.

Based on the findings in this survey, we are later going to have technical surveys and then start making specific plans for the school facilty restoration project. 

September 12, 2012 in Community Reconstruction |