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To Enlighten the Housewives on the Disaster Prevention & Mitigation

Afghanistan often suffers from many natural disasters, so it’s crucial to educate the residents on how to prepare and respond to them. The most efficient solution is for the whole community to tackle on this issue.


Unfortunately, it’s women who suffer the most at the natural disasters. Many of them haven’t been properly educated, not capable to teach their children and family how to prepare and handle the disaster. However, it’s also women who conventionally take care of family, so it means a lot to enlighten them on the disaster prevention and mitigation.

That is how JEN held the first workshop for female residents. The participants were very eager to learn on the appropriate preparation and response to the earthquake, flood, and wild fire.


Mina, one of the participants, told us;


“Most of us climb up to the roof on the earthquake, believing it the safest place. But I learned in this workshop that is wrong, and I will teach other women in turn.


【Mina and our staff】

In this 3-day workshop, there were also the video sessions and group works. Another participant told us when her child got injured.


“The clinic was located very far, the pharmacy was closed, and I had no idea how to stop bleeding. Asking the neighbors for help, they told me to rub the ashes onto the wound. I did so but then the wound got worse. This workshop was a good opportunity for me to learn the right treatment.”


【Practicing the appropriate treatment】

“I’m so pleased that women, the victims of disasters, now finally can take a key part in the prevention and mitigation of them.” said the other participant. It’s highly expected that more women will play a significant role in their family and community.


【Female participants】


Zuflar Afshar,
A field officer of JEN office in Afghanistan

November 2, 2022 in Afghanistan |