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The Improvement of Education for Girls

【Khadija and her classmates studying in the tent】

Every morning, 11-year old Khadija walks to school for 30 minutes. She is the 5th grade of a Girls’ School, whose facilities JEN supports.


Students learn in the tent at school. It’s cold in the winter, scorching in the summer, and they’re short of the simplest supplies such as black boards and chalks.


【The tents as classrooms. Khadija and girls are pleased with the facilities installed by JEN, such as classrooms, windbreak walls, a water reservoir, and toilettes.】

Even so, Khadija appreciates a lot, looking back at the old days with nothing;

“We used to study sitting on the ground or the plastic mat, or sometimes under the shades of trees.”


Mohammad Nabi, a member of the school management committee, also said;


“Before a class started, we had to bring the blackboard and carpet out, and take them in when it’s over. Whether we could have a class or not was up to the weather condition. Now we’re very grateful to JEN, for their help to maintain the school facilities.”


As the construction of school facilities started, the awareness of the education seems to be getting higher among the local community, he said.


【The construction of new classrooms】

It’s also expected that school attendance rate will be improved once the educational environment gets safe and attractive.


Not so long before, the lack of toilettes dissuaded girls to go to school after they reached to the age of first menstruation, a big obstacle for them to to keep the education. The improvement of school facilities will play a great role on the maintenance and increase of the school attendance rate.


【Students drinking waters from the reservoir】

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