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Rehabilitation of Mir Abdul Karim Maqol Girls High School

Mir Abdul Karim Maqol Girls High School is located in Charikar city as capital of Parwan Province and there was no building for the school. The students study in Mir Abdul Karim Boys High School’s building instead. They were facing many problems: the school didn’t have any chamber latrines or washrooms and each month, female teachers and students were absent for 4-6 days during their periods. There wasn’t any storage for drinking water and the surrounding wall was not high enough to fend off disturbance from outside.


In 2016, we conducted a survey about the construction of six classrooms, six-chamber latrines and a washroom, a water reservoir for drinking water and a surrounding wall. On the day of our survey, the administration of the school, teachers and students were very happy and helped us. We started construction of the above facilities on 1 July 2017 after engineering design stages. During the work, the principal and female teachers visited the work site for evaluation and appreciated our work, especially the construction of six-chamber latrines and washroom. In addition, the engineering teams of Parwan Directorate of Education, Directorate of Economy and other government offices highly evaluated the construction work.


The constructed latrines and boundary wall are expected to facilitate and motivate female teachers’ and students’ keeping going to school without disturbance or anxiety during their periods and outside them. The water reservoir will provide them with access to safe drinking water. This comprehensive rehabilitation of the school facilities also anticipates increase in students’ enrollment and attendance.

Parimah, the principal of Mir Abdul Karim Maqol Girls High School, says, “Due to periods, female teachers including me and students used to be absent from school for 4-6 days and came back when they became alright. So there was so much absenteeism.Now all of us will perform our daily work without any problems. Representing all female teachers and students, I appreciate JEN for their support.”


[Parimah, the principal of Mir Abdul Karim Maqol Girls High School ]

[Constructed six-classroom building]

[Constructed water reservoir]

[Constructed six-chamber latrines with washroom]

[Constructed brick masonry boundary wall]

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