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Study of means of livelihood in Afghanistan

 JEN developed women empowerment project for Eastern area of Afghanistan, especially Jalalabad and surrounding area. This program aims to offer opportunities for education for female students, and to create means of livelihood for educated women.


 Means of livelihood of educated women will become clear through detail study of livelihood. JEN focuses on choosing means of livelihood in private sector that actively involves in educated women. JEN believes that connecting means of livelihood with private sector raise productivity and sustainability.


 JEN will employ one local livelihood specialist in order to conduct a detail study in cooperation with private sector. The executors of private sector include practitioner of small business and industry, women entrepreneur, public officer, and staff of humanitarian organization.


 JEN will pay attention to following two points with regards to choosing means of livelihood of educated women.

  1. Opportunity of means of livelihood is culturally appropriate
  2. Women entrepreneurs have proved it and have been successful


 JEN will learn valuable things from experience of successful local women entrepreneurs, and will cooperate with them to follow their means of livelihood, business type, and model case. Details would be discovered after detail study, but choice of means of livelihood includes training of information technology, business design and its operation, offering trained labor force to local industry, management of education academy and provision of related equipments.

November 14, 2022 in Afghanistan |