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Art and Culture of Afghanistan (Part 1)

 For many of those that have never visited Afghanistan, natural disasters, war, and general unrest might be the only words that pop in to mind, and it may seem as if it is one the most difficult places to live in.

   On the other hand, Afghanistan acts as the gateway from Asia to Europe and Central Asia, and has been called the “Silk Road Intersection” giving birth to a composite of cultures. It is a place where people often come and go, and we believe that everyone should know that Afghanistan is one of the most developed countries in terms of art and culture. There are also many Gandhara and Islamic Art archeological sites scattered in the nation.

    Additionally, Afghanistan is home to a rich music industry, and has been the home of many famous artists that perform all around the world. Genres of their music include classical, folk, modern pop, and many more.


 Do you know what this instrument is called? This is a Rebab, one of the most widely known instruments in Afghanistan. It is a traditional string instrument that is played by plucking the strings, and its sound captivates the hearts of the Afghanistan people.


 The origin of this instrument is in central Afghanistan, but it is currently widely known in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Take a listen to the sound of a Rebab.

 Group Name: Chalpasah

 Take a look at this Japanese group that performs traditional Afghanistan music.



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