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Measuring the impact of DRR programme through KAP survey, A case study of 2017.

For the first time JEN implemented community based Disaster Risk Reduction training in district Charikar. Women were the main targeted group for this training program.  The aim of this program is to empower communities to prepare and stand against potential hazards effectively before they turn into disasters. For this purpose, the most vulnerable parts of the city were targeted and the trainees were registered from those areas. Apart from students 600 community members were targeted in the DRR training.


As women in the area were very familiar to the disasters such as flood, earthquake etc. Good point is that in this training program, women participated very actively. They were very interested to learn how to reduce the risk of the disasters.
JEN team conducted some interviews with the community people after the training to record their views. Bibi Shirin is a 63 years old woman. As per JEN team “when I asked her about natural disasters, she answered: the disasters are from side of God and we can’t do anything to stop them. What we can do is that we should escape its not a good way to stand and see God punishment.


After the training she was very thankful to JEN and said: “I learned that I was wrong. What I learned here in this training I am going to transfer them to my family. The important lessons were what to do before, during and after an earthquake, risk assessment, firefighting and First Aid to help other if they get injured.”


[Bibi Shirin giving interview to JEN staff.]

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