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Capacity building of school management committee

School management committees (SMCs) are an integral part of  a school for continuation and strengthening its activities. In each year, JEN trains SMCs to build their capacity. Members of the committees are reminded of the responsibilities of SMCs. JEN also conducts meetings with SMCs from time to time. These meetings are conducted in the presence of Directorate of Education (DoE) and Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) representatives.


[SMC meeting in Mir Abdul Karim Maqol Girls High School.]

[ SMC meeting in Togh Berdi Girls High School ]

One of the main responsibilities of SMCs is to make sure that hygiene education and disaster risk reduction (DRR) education, which JEN supported the schools in conduction, are continued. SMC members are trained for this purpose.


[JENstaff member the meeting with SMC members of Togh Berdi Girls High School.]

The second most important role of SMCs is facility maintenance. During SMC training, it is mentioned and discussed, and the SMCs are required to take the responsibility of maintenance of their facilities because they are the real owner of the schools. Short trainings are conducted to build capacity of SMCs about the use of facilities and how to take care of them. They are also instructed on fund raising, connecting themselves with communities, finding needs and making plans for repair and maintenance of school buildings and facilities.


[Training on facility maintenance of SMC members of Mir Abdul Karim Maqol Girls High School]

Regarding DRR, SMCs are asked to make comprehensive DRR plans. This time, they were asked to also include community people in their plans. In this way, comprehensive community DRR is expected with schools as focal points.


[SMC members of Mir Abdul Karim Maqol Boy’s High School discussing their DRRE plans]

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