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Distribution of Hygiene Kits at Girls' Elementary School "Ali Sharai"

JEN is improving school infrastructure in Kurram District, the most marginalized district in Pakistan, where schools and sanitation facilities have been destroyed due to terrorism, conflict, and sectarian strife. The aim is to improve sanitation and increase student enrollment, especially among girls. In addition, we are providing hygiene education.

Photo 1 shows the distribution of hygiene kits to students at Ali Sharai, a government girls' elementary school in the upper area of Kurram District, after conducting hygiene education (Photo 1). After explaining the contents of the hygiene kit, the JEN staff reconfirms that all students have received the hygiene kit.

The hygiene kit bag contains 4 soaps, 1 nail clipper, 1 toothbrush, 2 pieces  of toothpaste, 1 soap rest, 2 sets of towels, and 1 comb.

On the same day, we distributed hygiene kits for schools. The kit includes drinking water containers (1 for teachers and 3 for students), steel cups (5 for teachers and 10 for students), 6 plastic water jars for toilets, and 48 pieces of soap. Photo 2 shows the principal (left side) signing the handover form in front of the JEN staff (right side).

We are making good progress in educating students on hygiene and distributing hygiene kits. We hope to continue to keep everyone informed of our progress.


Students receiving hygiene kits



Handover of hygiene kits to the school

July 27, 2022 in Pakistan |