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Girls' Elementary School "Ali Sharai" before the Project

JEN is improving school infrastructure with the aim of improving sanitation and increasing student enrollment (especially among girls). As part of this project, we are repairing facilities and building new ones.

Photo1 is a pre-project view of "Ali Sharai," a government girls' elementary school in the upper area of Kurram District.

This school has 225 students studying in two classrooms that need to be restored. Therefore, students sometimes attend classes in tents. Due to the shortage of classrooms, a new classroom is being constructed at the location where this tent was erected (Photo 2). At the same time, two existing classrooms are being repaired.

Construction of the classrooms at this school began in early March, with the foundation work completed and bricklaying for the walls underway. We will continue to keep everyone updated on our progress of activities.


Students studying in the tent (Before the COVID-19 pandemic)


Brickwork in progress for the classroom wall.


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