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Completion of support program for pest damage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province

We report on the livelihood support project centering on pest control, monitoring and management for farmers in two affected districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province(* hereafter referred to as KP province) by pest damage.

Locust control groups (LCG) for farmers (68 households: 476 people) who were seriously damaged by pests in two districts (DI Khan and Tharparker) in KP and Sindh province were formed. After that, necessary materials for pest control (insecticide spraying equipment, protective equipment (masks, gloves, glasses, hats)) were distributed as emergency relief supplies, and pest control training was conducted on-site.

At the same time, we promoted cooperation between the locust control room of the Agriculture Department in each district and LCG members. In preparation for the future locust attacks, we launched the locust early warning mechanism of the agricultural department and strengthened the monitoring and control system.

Furthermore, for the 4,680 target households (about 32,760 people) of livestock farmers, we provided livestock feed as an emergency response, anthelmintic drugs for parasites, and vaccinations. By holding livestock health management awareness sessions and providing relevant livestock breeding knowledge, we helped alleviate feed shortages directly linked to the food crisis. Equipment for anthelmintic treatment and vaccination was provided (including management) to each leader of a group of about 12 households. The equipment will continue to be available for livestock farmers.

This project was completed in May 2021.


Livestock farmers seriously listening to the livestock health care awareness session


Anthelmintic treatment and vaccination for livestock

※This project was carried out with a grant from the Japan Platform and a donation to JEN.

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