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Interview with a beneficiary on COVID19-related emergency aid

Mr. Syed Habib Hussain is a resident of Zerhan town. There are 17 people in his family.

In the interview, he told us, "I tried to avoid outdoor activities during the pandemic. But I needed to open my shop because there was no livelihood to support my family other than running the store. I abided by the rules of the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) from the government. But unfortunately, I got infected with coronavirus through the business. My own quarantine was too late to stop the infection in my family, which worsened our situation. District administration department forced us to keep staying home, and none of my family was permitted to go outside. I had some savings, but that wasn't enough, and I needed to borrow money from my friends to buy what we need every day. I closed my shop, and the situation was getting worse."


Mr. Syed Habib Hussain explaining the situation of his family to JEN staff.

He further stated, "Now I was allowed to open the shop, but I had to borrow a lot of money from my friends. I was worried about the repayment very much, but I felt relieved to know that JEN distributes food to the families affected by the new coronavirus. It makes a lot of sense to me, because this help can save me food and pay back to the people who helped me. "


A JEN staff taking a note of some comments on JEN's support from Mr. Syed Habib Hussain.

April 6, 2021 in Pakistan |