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Development of Safe & Healthy Environment for Female Education

Amra is a 12-year-old girl living in Sarpakh village. She told JEN staff, “Education meant a lot to me in my life. Educated people can help and support others more effectively.” Amra also said, “I was disappointed of losing my friends because they were stopped from going to school by their families due to the lack of appropriate boundary walls. At that time, we were seen from the outside because the boundary wall was not high enough. But, since new boundary walls were installed now, we can walk around freely, enjoying sports. I told my friends that JEN made the wall. I hope my friends will come back to school again, as it’s safe and private.”


Amra also said, “I was excited with new books given by JEN. As a lover of embroidery and cooking, I want to study to take in new knowledge and techniques in a spare time with some books on embroidery and cuisine I found.”


Amra reads a cooking book at the library.

February 9, 2021 in Pakistan |

The Activities of Residents’ Association in Marumori town

Today, we introduce about the activities of residents in Marumori town who have taken part in workshop of JEN. The community support group "Connect Feelings", a group that aims for a safe life in Marumori town rich in nature, is holding study sessions to know and protect the current state of the forest and sessions to enhance the strength for disaster prevention in the area in order to find the root cause of the disaster that occurred in Marumori town. The picture below shows an on-site inspection tour for protecting forest and mountain after the disaster, and a disaster prevention workshop in Marumori and Nango area.


How will each of us face the disasters that occur frequently around the world? Many people seem to realize the time has come when we think again the factor of disaster.


Hazard map by residents in Marumori and Nango area

Jen will continue to think and solve problems from a sustainable perspective in Marumori town, like the group we introduced today. Thank you for your continued cooperation.


Inspection of the mountainous area in Marumori town

February 9, 2021 in Tohoku earthquake |