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Aid Activities To Ensure the Access to Water and Hygiene

Syed Najmul Hassan lives in the village of Zeran. He has a job, which is the only source of income to support his family. His monthly wage is 18,000 rupees (equivalent to about 12,000 yen), which is not enough to support the family of 8; a wife, parents, unmarried brothers, and 3 children (2 boys and 1 daughter). His mother has a chronic illness with high blood pressure.


Mr. Hassan during the interview

For the treatment of his mother, he visits the Zeran outpatient ward of Basic Health Unit (BHU). It is the only medical facility in the village, where a doctor and two pharmacists provide medical care.

Whenever his hypertensive mother needed to go to the bathroom, the family had to look for the bathroom and walk to a distant Imam Bargah (a religious facility) or someone's home nearby in the area, as there were no public toilets available to patients either at BHU or in the neighborhood.


At the hygiene session

It has long been a problem that not a single toilet is installed at or around BHU for the outpatients visiting the clinic every day. But, at his last visit to the clinic, he was so excited to find that an NGO called JEN had installed men’s and women’s toilets, washstands, and drainage facility for patients. “We are grateful that JEN has taken the initiative to support our patients,” he told us during the interview.

He also participated in the hygiene session, which he found useful. Knowing that female staff of JEN visit BHU to provide hygiene sessions to female medical providers, he encouraged his wife to join. The couple participated in the session together to learn new lessons. Until taking the session, they had never known how important it is to wash hands properly.

Toilet construction and the hygiene session can bring in positive effects on people’s life. The unavailability of toilet used to be a huge problem, but now they feel at ease as there is no need to go outside for a toilet.

* Toilet construction and hygiene sessions were held in the "Provision of WASH facilities to returnees in Upper and Central Kurram areas of Tribal District Kurram, KP Province" project. This project has been carried out with a grant from the Japan Platform and a donation to JEN.

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