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Study session at the Marumori town women's fire prevention club

Even after the disaster last year, the people of Marumori Town have been working on reconstruction,  cherishing regional ties and supporting each other.  JEN has been working together with the residents for disaster VC management, study sessions, and provision of disaster prevention equipment. On October 17, a study session was held for the Women's Fire Prevention Club and Traffic Safety Mothers' Association in the Marumori area, and JEN staff served as the facilitator of the session.


At the outset of the session, we offered a silent prayer for those who passed away in the disaster last year. Arter that each participant made an evacuation plan. The participants working to improve the welfare of the community on a daily basis said that they would like to learn more about how to support wheelchair users and the elderly in the event of a disaster. JEN will continue to work with the residents to support those who need consideration in the event of a disaster.



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