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Review Session of Typhoon Hagibis at Marumori Tanpopo Nursery School

It's been almost a year since Typhoon Hagibis last year. On October 8, Marumori Tanpopo nursery school held a study session to look back on Typhoon Hagibis, and staff members actively discussed future disaster prevention and improvement of the business continuity planning. JEN has been helping Marumori Town with the reconstruction since last year. JEN’s staff served as the facilitator of the study session and learned a lot from the serious attitude and lessons of the teachers at Tanpopo nursery school.


The Tanpopo nursery school was flooded on the floor, and the reconstruction of the building just completed in mid-June this year. Immediately after the disaster, the teachers did their best to clean up the garden and resume childcare. In the review session, many important points were confirmed, and it was strongly felt that better disaster prevention would be implemented at the Tanpopo nursery school in the future. We would like to thank you to everyone for sharing important lessons.


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