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Home Disaster Prevention and Evacuation Planning During the Pandemic

On September 13th, 2020, Women Fire prevention Club Ohari branch and relevant women groups co-hosted a seminar titled as “Home Disaster Prevention and Evacuation Planning During the Pandemic,” with the support of Ohari Community Council and the local Autonomous Disaster Prevention Committee. JEN sent our lecturers to the seminar, who outlined the specific evacuation planning during Covid-19 pandemic. While 32 participants gave some ideas on possible future action plan from the development of family evacuation agenda to the revision of grab-and-go bags, the residents of Ohari district provided precious advice on how to alert to sudden downpour.


440 Marumori residents have participated JEN’s seminars so far, and their feedbacks highlights how much they care and practice what they learnt at seminar in their daily lives.


We would like to thank those in Ohari for inviting us to this important occasion. We hope we can keep working together.

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