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Cardboard bed donation ceremony

On September 30, a donation ceremony from JEN to Marumori town for 161 cardboard beds was held at the Marumori town office. The donation ceremony was attended by Mayor Kunio Hoshina of Marumori town, Deputy Mayor Hideyuki Sasaki, staff members of the general affairs division and health and welfare division of Marumori town office, and Hideto Kawakita, Co-Pesident of JEN.

At the ceremony, the disaster prevention section and the health and welfare division of the town office explained about disaster prevention and measures against the new coronavirus infection.  It was found that there were many improvements based on the lessons learned from last year's disaster.

For example, measures have been taken to give more consideration to the safety of the residents, such as issuing evacuation preparation information for each district and disclosing information on people requiring support earlier than before. Regarding the prevention of corona infection, we knew that equipment is secured, expert advice is helpful, and infection prevention measures for evacuation shelter operations are taken.

After Typhoon Hagibis in the first year of Reiwa, JEN is helping to contribute to the post-disaster reconstruction of Marumori town. We will continue to strive to improve the resilience of Marumori town against disasters.


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