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Home Disaster Prevention and Evacuation Planning During the Pandemic

On September 13th, 2020, Women Fire prevention Club Ohari branch and relevant women groups co-hosted a seminar titled as “Home Disaster Prevention and Evacuation Planning During the Pandemic,” with the support of Ohari Community Council and the local Autonomous Disaster Prevention Committee. JEN sent our lecturers to the seminar, who outlined the specific evacuation planning during Covid-19 pandemic. While 32 participants gave some ideas on possible future action plan from the development of family evacuation agenda to the revision of grab-and-go bags, the residents of Ohari district provided precious advice on how to alert to sudden downpour.


440 Marumori residents have participated JEN’s seminars so far, and their feedbacks highlights how much they care and practice what they learnt at seminar in their daily lives.


We would like to thank those in Ohari for inviting us to this important occasion. We hope we can keep working together.

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Review Session of Typhoon Hagibis at Marumori Himawari Nursery School

A study session to review the impact of Typhoon Hagibis took place at Marumori Himawari nursery school on September 2nd, discussing a disaster prevention plan for the future and the improvement of the sustainable operation system. JEN moderated a discussion among 35 participants of teachers and staff, who exchanged opinions actively.


JEN has been organizing 21 study sessions in total to date in Marumori town in relation to disaster prevention, with 408 people participating. This time, those in the nursery school, who have continued their operation during a tough time after the disaster, reviewed the post-typhoon response of last year, discussing on what had been done well or not, and specifically what should have been done better.


It was so impressive to see how seriously teachers and officers were tackling the issue that we strongly believe that a better disaster plan will be implemented at the school from now on. It was our great pleasure to be invited to such a great occasion.

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Study session on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA)

On August 20, JEN held a study session on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) for staff members in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Japan.  At the study session, we learned examples on the measures that humanitarian organizations should take to prevent people affected by disasters and conflicts from being sexually exploited and/or abused by humanitarian organization staff, volunteers, contractors and others concerned.
The measures we learned, for example, are to prohibit acts of  sexual exploitation, abuse, and sexual harassment in the Code of Conduct which is signed by all staff; and to implement programs safely by protecting children, women and vulnerable people and securing their participation.


JEN has implemented all program activities in compliance with The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) and respecting the ideas and opinions of those affected by the disaster.  JEN continues to learn the necessary knowledge and do its best so that JEN can always support the independence of the affected people and respect human rights.

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Workshop on My Timeline & Evacuation During the Pandemic

On August 29th and 30th, we held workshops respectively in Ouchi and Kaneyama districts in Marumori town, regarding an disaster action planning, as well as the way of evacuation during Covid-19 pandemic. We would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to Women Fire prevention Club of both districts, Mothers Meeting for Traffic Safety, Ouchi and Kaneyama town planning centers and those whom involved for their supports to organize this session.


Since mid-October last year, JEN has been engaged in the assistance for Disaster Volunteer Center in Marumori town as well as the organization of study sessions on disaster prevention. In each session in Ouchi & Kaneyama, we helped participants develop their own t specific evacuation action plans. Some of the feedbacks says that it was a great reminder to get prepared for natural disasters, including packaging an emergency go bag and planning evacuation among a family prior to the typhoon season.


September 1st marks the Disaster Prevention Day. We will continue these workshops hoping to contribute to the disaster prevention program in Marumori town with what we can support. We appreciate for our collaborate effort.


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