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Workshop on evacuation preparation under COVID-19 pandemic on July 29

On July 29, with the cooperation of the Kosai town planning center and the Kosai District Women's Fire Prevention Club, we held a workshop on evacuation preparation under the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the evacuation advisory was issued in Ohari, Koya, Hippo, Hadeniwa, Mawarigura and Kobogi administrative districts from the previous day, we prayed for the safety of everyone in those areas and made an evacuation plan to prepare for future disasters at the workshop. Participants pointed out the need for early evacuation based on last year's experience, and they cautioned that there are dangerous places such as landslides and inundation when checking the area thoroughly even if it is not listed on a disaster prevention map. Associate Prof. Mari Kinoshita of the University of Kochi advised us on measures against coronavirus in the operation of evacuation centers.


We would like to sincerely thank all the Kosai town planning center, Kosai District Women's Fire Prevention Club, and Associate Prof. Kinoshita for their advice and sharing experiences.

Since last year, JEN has been helping the recovery of Marumori Town. Today, at a workshop, we listened to the stories of the people in the Kosai district and once again recognized the importance of ties of people in the community. We will continue to learn the experiences of the people of Marumori Town and contribute to disaster prevention and recovery as much as possible. We appreciate your continued support.


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