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Workshop on evacuation under the COVID-19 pandemic with a women's fire prevention club

This is a report of the workshop held in June. On June 10, with the cooperation of the women's fire prevention clubs in Tateyama and Marumori districts, we had a workshop on the evacuation action plan "my timeline" for oneself and one’s family, especially on evacuation under the COVID-19 pandemic.




JEN has long encouraged women to participate in disaster prevention. The women's fire prevention clubs who participated in this workshop are powerful and attractive people whose activities include providing meals and necessary supplies after the typhoon last year, making masks for coronavirus, and radio exercises recently.

First, the local residents gave a lecture, and then the participants made "my timeline". Each experienced participant shared their wisdom on safe evacuation measures under the COVID-19 pandemic.




We would like to thank all the women's fire prevention clubs, Mr. Shishido, who gave us advice, Ms. Seki, a nutritionist, and Associate Prof. Kinoshita, for their active exchange of opinions. JEN will continue disaster prevention training so that each person can prepare for future disasters. We appreciate your continued support.




August 27, 2020 in Tohoku earthquake |


Completion on Pakistan earthquake wintering support

The project “provision of winterized tents and associated non-food items and psychosocial support to earthquake affected people in Mirpur District, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Pakistan”, which has been implemented since mid-January this year, has been completed. We distributed winterized tents, plastic mattresses, and plastic sheets as emergency relief supplies, such as, to 640 households severely damaged by the earthquake.

At the same time, we implemented psychosocial education sessions in communities for people who were affected by the earthquake and were  worried about rebuilding from scratch. We were able to implement this project with the warm support of the Japan Platform and everyone. We express our deepest gratitude for the efforts of all those supporting this project.

In the middle of March, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, meetings and outdoor activities were banned in the Kashmir region, making temporarily difficult to implement this project. However, thanks to the cooperation of the members of the women's committee established in the business area of ​​Mirpur prefecture to receive complaints and inquiries, we could continue the work, such as checking the usage status of the winter tent.

We could continue implementing psychosocial education sessions  by switching alternatives such as FM radio broadcasting, local TV, and social media. In addition, “people who participated in JEN study group as contact points for residents” who could connect the victims with severe psychosocial distress to experts and related parties supported the distribution of the booklet.

In the implementation of this project focusing on mental care, earthquake victims could survive the cold in a winter tent and learned how to get out of psychological pain, and we could connect those with severe conditions to specialists". We are grateful for the successful completion with the cooperation of the residents.



JEN could hand over the psychosocial education-related IEC(Information, Education and Communication) materials to the local resident of Samwal Sharif town in Mirpur district.

August 7, 2020 in Pakistan |


Workshop on evacuation preparation under COVID-19 pandemic on July 29

On July 29, with the cooperation of the Kosai town planning center and the Kosai District Women's Fire Prevention Club, we held a workshop on evacuation preparation under the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the evacuation advisory was issued in Ohari, Koya, Hippo, Hadeniwa, Mawarigura and Kobogi administrative districts from the previous day, we prayed for the safety of everyone in those areas and made an evacuation plan to prepare for future disasters at the workshop. Participants pointed out the need for early evacuation based on last year's experience, and they cautioned that there are dangerous places such as landslides and inundation when checking the area thoroughly even if it is not listed on a disaster prevention map. Associate Prof. Mari Kinoshita of the University of Kochi advised us on measures against coronavirus in the operation of evacuation centers.


We would like to sincerely thank all the Kosai town planning center, Kosai District Women's Fire Prevention Club, and Associate Prof. Kinoshita for their advice and sharing experiences.

Since last year, JEN has been helping the recovery of Marumori Town. Today, at a workshop, we listened to the stories of the people in the Kosai district and once again recognized the importance of ties of people in the community. We will continue to learn the experiences of the people of Marumori Town and contribute to disaster prevention and recovery as much as possible. We appreciate your continued support.


August 3, 2020 in Tohoku earthquake |