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Partnership with Sendai Kodomo Shokudo

From May 1st, JEN has been providing emergency aid to communities affected by COVID-19 in Japan. JEN has formed a partnership with Sendai Kodomo Shokudo, an organization that provides “Children’s Dining Halls” within the Miyagi Prefecture, to implement the emergency relief efforts.

During the recovery stage after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Sendai Kodomo Shokudo first-handedly experienced the importance of sharing a meal with close ones, not just in terms of satisfying hunger, but also to mutually raise one another’s strength to live. JEN, through a partnership with Sendai Kodomo Shokudo, has supported the delivery of groceries to 50 single parent households, and a letter exchange project for children who had participated in the Children’s Dining Hall in the Miyagi Prefecture, where JEN has provided relief efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake in the past. Additionally, JEN has been providing support for the strengthening of the organizational foundations of Sendai Kodomo Shokudo, as it directly leads to a deeper understanding of what kind of support is needed in each affected area, a greater distribution of support, and the construction of a system that ensures sufficient circulation of support.


grocery delivery

Along with the closure of schools and the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 since February of 2020, people’s financial situations have changed drastically, as many experienced losses of employment and reduction of work hours. The Children’s Dining Hall projects have also been temporary suspended, and Sendai Kodomo Shokudo has shifted to a food pantry service in March, and a grocery delivery service in April to ensure the health and safety of the participants and volunteers.

As a short term goal, JEN aims to nutritionally support children and their families and also to mitigate any isolation they may experience, through aid in the form of food and letter writing and exchanging.

Sendai Kodomo Shokudo’s support efforts have reached not only the temples, farms, companies, individuals, and children within the Miyagi Prefecture, but also those outside of the prefecture through partnerships with Children’s Dining Halls, companies, and poverty support organizations all throughout Japan. Connections like these play a crucial role in creating and expanding efforts that help children foster a sense of belonging in their respective communities, and also provide support for single parents and their households.

JEN will continue to support Sendai Kodomo Shokudo’s meaningful efforts so it can assist more people in need, obtain sufficient circulation of crucial resources and information,  and solve various social issues that have arose and may arise in the future.

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