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Workshop about Evacuation in the Situation of Coronavirus

JEN hold the workshops about evacuation in the situation of Coronavirus in Ōuchi-area and Tateyama-area with the cooperation of Ōuchi town planning center, the women’s association, the women’s fire protection club of Ōuchi-area, and the women’s fire protection club of Tateyama-area  on June 24, 2020.

In Tateyama-area, Ms. Emiko MUNAKATA from Equal Net Sendai talked about the evacuation in the situation of Coronavirus and the importance of disaster prevention from the women’s points of view.


JEN has held 11 workshops about reconstruction and disaster prevention to contribute to disaster prevention in Marumori-machi and 265 residents have participated. In this workshop, female local residents participated and provided specific advice on sanitary, hygiene, and nourishment and creating evacuation plans and time-lines.

The participants reflected their experiences of Typhoon Hagibis and shared the ideas about holding the family meeting, insurance reconsideration, taking measures in advance to prevent household goods and cars from being flooded against the disasters in the future. We appreciate all participants, Ms. MUNAKATA, and all members of Ōuchi and Tateyama town planning center. Thank you for your continued support.



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