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Online Workshop about Complex Disasters and Evacuation

JEN invited Mr. Hiroshi HIDA from OPEN JAPAN as a main speaker to online workshop about complex disasters and evacuation on May 20, 2020.


JEN has provided disaster prevention trainings to bolster the preparation of future disasters in Marumori-machi. In this workshop, JEN shared the views on measures to evacuate in this situation of Coronavirus with participants from the organization of self-government, the women’s fire protection club, the mayor of the ward, the residents, and the local public office.

Marumori-machi town office explained the current situation of dispersed evacuation and a stockpile for Coronavirus. The local resident explained the measures to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus infection and the evacuation planning. In addition, they referred an example that they supported the people affected by disaster as a local community in Kosai area. We recognize the importance of supporting each other in the local community in case we cannot rescue from the outside of the devastated area.

We appreciate all participants from Marumori-machi and Mr. Hida for exchanging opinions actively.

We will continue supporting them to provide for complex disasters in Marumori-machi.

May 25, 2020 in Tohoku earthquake |


Closure of Marumori-machi Volunteer Center


JEN had assisted the operation of Marumori-machi volunteer center since October 16, 2019 and had responded to over 900 calls for support from the residents. This volunteer center closed on April 30, 2020. JEN supported to meet the demands and handle the general affairs with Marumori-machi social welfare council, residents from Marumori-machi, Yomoyama Company, staff of social welfare councils from all over japan, Open Japan, FEEL Do, the concerned organizations and all volunteers from Shien P which is a network organization. We appreciate all the social welfare councils, the local public offices, residents, and every volunteer for being so patient and giving us guidance and advice when JEN staff members were not used to the activity.

JEN will continue to proceed with trainings of disaster prevention and environmental protection with cooperation and advice from the residents, the local offices and the concerned organizations in Marumori-machi. Thank you for your continued support.


May 8, 2020 in Tohoku earthquake |