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Online Workshop about Disaster and Infection in Marumori-machi

JEN invited Mr. Hiroshi HIDA from OPEN JPAN as a speaker and conducted an online workshop about disaster and infection in Marumori-machi on April 24, 2020.

In the situation the prevalence of COVID-19 is spreading over Japan, 21 members of residents from Marumori-machi and supporters participated and discussed the measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in Marumori-machi before flood season. In this workshop, Mr. Hida and participants shared their experiences with respective preparations, the evacuation spots in case of heavy rain, and effective preparations for risk avoidance of infection.

We appreciate Mr. Hida lecturing as a speaker and residents from Marumori-machi sharing many ideas.


April 27, 2020 in Tohoku earthquake |


Progress of Psychosocial Support Project

JEN is currently cooperating with department of health in order to create system to introduce people carrying PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress disorder) to hospital and follow-up them. The system aims to support the affected people carefully to recover from PTSD, and female mental care expert is working on.

The psychologist made door-to-door visits, confirmed the situation at the site, and supervised materials (main agenda: “How to deal with post-loss stress”) related to psychosocial support based on the evaluation results. The materials are provided to help people affected by the earthquake to better understand their psychosocial sessions. As of March 8, five psychosocial sessions were held and 75women, 25men, 8 boys and 17 girls received a proper professional education from psychologists.




April 17, 2020 in Pakistan |


Monitoring Usage of Winterized Tents

JEN will continue to monitor the usage of winterized tents after distribution. As of March 8, JEN visited 360 households out of 640 households to which the tents were distributed. JEN recognized that these tents are extremely important especially for newborn babies, elders and women. JEN will continuously help households to set up tents properly.




April 10, 2020 in Pakistan |