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The Review Meeting of Disaster prevention System of Typhoon Hagibis in 2019

There are 248 households in Kōya area, Marumori-town. Kōya area has the risk of landslide caused by heavy rain constantly due to their mountainous landscape. Furthermore, people who need a help such as elderly people and people with disabilities need to be supported by family and the local community, because 47% of the residents are senior citizens.


As many as 60 people including observers discussed, though the meeting was held on Saturday.

In the review meeting of Typhoon Hagibis in 2019 on January 25, 2020, staff members of the Koya town planning center, the ward mayors, the welfare workers, the volunteer firefighters, the police officer, and the executives of organization of Koya self-government who engaged in disaster response to Typhoon Hagibis reflected their behavior.


Mr. Ōtsuki, the director-general of Kōya town planning center explained the purpose of the meeting.


The members of the volunteer fire department reflected their rescue operations.

Many of suggestions which were mentioned by participants were about making local residents be conscious of importance to evacuate at an early stage. The participants also realized that they must not assume that their own houses would be saved from the past experiences and they should behave with bearing in mind the importance of updating the knowledge and it may rain heavily than they expect.


In the group of ward mayors, the opinion that it would be possible to obtain earlier the list of people in need of help was mentioned.


In the group of executives, there were many comments about their behavior of that day of Typhoon.

As the specific plans after this review meeting, some suggestions are proposed that they hold the workshop at government, prepare the evacuation plans for each household, and discuss with community to set the evacuation criteria before the next season of Typhoon.


They took a picture all together after the review meeting.

JEN will continue to support to organize the workshop and invite the speaker to make the residents implement the improvement plans easily.

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