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Fukumaneki Tour (a tour to invite good luck)

About 900 households are still evacuated at home in Marumori-machi. There are people who live in temporary housing and those who are worried about the future. Under such circumstances, the Marumori Green Tourism Promotion Council held a "Fukumaneki Tour" on January 11th so that more people could come to Marumori and know how great Marumori is.

We received some nice words from the participants, "I feel happy to interact with the locals and the tour participants.”, " Seeing the damage caused by the typhoon with my own eyes, I was overwhelmed by the power of nature and I felt so helpless. However the people of the community seemed to have good luck and spirit". We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has planned and conducted this tour for giving us the opportunity to support.


The residents of Marumori explained the damage caused by the typhoon.


"Little New Year dumplings" The participants prayed for a good harvest and safety, and put dumplings in the dumpling tree.


Marumori was known as a place for sericulture, so the participants experienced making a "daruma" using a cocoon.


It's very cute, "The Cocoon Mouse Daruma".

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