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We went to participate in the Manpower Management Study Group!

On January 21st, JEN participated in the Second Annual “Learning about Manpower Management via Hunger Free World” Study Group as part of the NPO`s Efforts to Promote NSR (NPO`s Social Responsibility) Project. Although we did not report about our participation in the first Study Group hosted last year, this is our second time participating in this Study Group.  

The main objective of this Study Group was to learn the methods behind manpower management used by Hunger Free World, considering problems that may arise when implementing their techniques into our own organizations, and sharing ideas to find solutions to those problems.

In the First Annual Study Group that was hosted October 12th of last year, we learned how Hunger Free World developed their manpower management, and how it functions today from Ms. Rika Tanaka, the Deputy Director of the Executive Office at Hunger Free World.

In the second Study Group, each participating organization presented their own approach to manpower management. Additionally, each organization asked questions and provided suggestions to the approaches taken by other organizations.

In regards to manpower management, JEN still has a long ways to go. However, after participating in this Study Group, we were able to remind ourselves that time is an important resource when running an organization. We hope to create a work environment where we can clarify who works what job with how much effort and time, where each worker remains conscious of the important tasks, and where we can rethink our priorities in order to reach our goals. We thought that this will not only help JEN`s operations, but also the staff members of JEN as well.

We hope to implement what we have learned about manpower management from the lecturers and other organizations in this Study Group and create our basis of manpower management by the end of 2019.

Management Department Staff

February 15, 2019 in TokyoHQ |