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Main findings from the preliminary -KAP Survey in Parrha Chamkani area, Central Kurram, Former FATA

The local JEN staff members have started conducting the Preliminary KAP (Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices) Survey. The main objective of conducting this survey is to gain an understanding of the current sanitation conditions and water and sanitation needs of the people of the area, before executing the project developed by JEN. Up until now, the staff members have visited a total of 27 regions and conducted this survey.




              The results of the survey mirrored that of the actual conditions of the region. The residents are extremely impoverished, and the area lacks any form of infrastructure. Road conditions are also poor. Knowledge about sanitation and sanitation habits is low compared to the people of KP province*. The main issue found in this region remains to be clean water, as residents of the area use spring water sources and surface water found in rivers and lakes for drinking water and for everyday use. Spring water sources lack appropriate preservation and protection methods, and as a result, may be contaminated.

              Drains often remain uncovered and broken, and in most villages in the area, these drains are clogged with plastic bags and bottles, as there is no established trash and waste disposal system. Additionally, although there are bathrooms, these bathrooms are for the most part, unusable.




              The main source of income in this region comes from daily wage jobs. The majority of those living in the region find work outside the area, as the region provides very little to no opportunities for employment and business.

              JEN has been conducting water supply and sanitation projects in this area and the people seem to be excited about the projects in progress. In the future, we hope to provide support for the increase and development of agriculture, livestock, and technology, which will all ultimately lead to a sustainable lifestyle.


*FATA was the area adjacent to Afghanistan previously governed by tribes. It was integrated into KP province following the constitutional reform on May 31st, 2018.

(MOFA Overseas Travel Alerts in Pakistan, 31 July 2018)

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