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Water is Life; Providing safe drinking water to those in the District Kurram

Drinking safe and clean water is a basic right all humans possess, but over time, as the world population increases, it becomes more difficult for everyone to access clean drinking water. Pakistan is one country that has been facing this issue, and requires immediate attention in order to find a solution to the issue. According to WaterAid, a non-governmental, non-profit organization focused on water and hygiene problems globally, Pakistan has ranked ninth in the ″The list of top 10 countries with lowest access to clean water″, and of the 207 million people living in Pakistan today, over 21 million of them have no means of accessing clean water.

Along with UNOCHA, our partner organization, JEN has been working on constructing and repairing water supply schemes in the most underdeveloped regions of Kurram district of Pakistan. JEN is currently in the research phase, and has been visiting low-income regions and regions especially in need of clean water to conduct analysis of those areas.

These areas are surrounded by beautiful forests and spring water sources, but there is no means of transporting that clean spring water to villages and individual houses, and therefore, the area continues to suffer from the lack of access to clean water. Additionally, water transportation pipes that were previously constructed have completely worn out, and now carry contaminated water. Sources of spring water themselves lack any means of preservation, and have become contaminated leading to problems such as frequent diarrhea and other illnesses related to ingesting that water.


Spring water sources exist in some villages, but due to the increase in population and the lack of an established system to distribute the limited water source to all, not everyone is able to access the water. For example, in the village of Manrho kalay, a spring water source exists, but residents of the village are unable to access clean water.


Because this village is in serious need of a clean water source, the JEN team chose to set up the water supply scheme in this location. Upon conducting technological analysis of the region, the team came to the realization that this village is the most in need of this water source scheme. The people of the region were very excited and eager about being able to drink safe water in the near future. The elder of the village warmly welcomed the team, and supported them throughout the analysis period, and were very thankful of the team`s contribution to the village.



November 27, 2018 in Pakistan |


Interview with participants of previous programs

Mr.Ezatullah 65 years old
Chaparhar, Nangarhar

In 2016, many refugees repatriated to Afghanistan from Pakistan, which included Ezatullah and his family. He and his family immigrated to Pakistan in 1987, and lived as refugees in a camp called Pabbi in Peshawar. Living conditions in the camp were better than before, as they had opportunities to find work, receive resources such as food, education, and were able to access health care facilities, all from the help of  other organizations.

“After returning to Afghanistan, my sons and I had little to no opportunities to work and because of that, our family faced more problems than when living in the refugee camp. We bought a wheelbarrow and conducted manual labor to earn small amounts of money which was used to provide food for my family.”. “My eldest son currently sells fruits and vegetables using the  wheelbarrow we bought, and my second son carries sand and gravel to construction sites, but because their jobs are not full-time there is no stability in regards to employment”, he said.

“My family and I are currently discussing the possibility of immigrating back to Pakistan, where living conditions were much better compared to that right now in Afghanistan. However, the visa issues that will arise with the move are our biggest concern. My family and I currently all have Afghanistan passports, and therefore, if we were to immigrate to Pakistan, we will have to travel back to Afghanistan every month to renew our visas. I have asked the Afghanistan government to provide me with opportunities to find work in Afghanistan, which has been the reason why my family and I have stayed in this country, but it is unlikely that our living conditions here will improve.”


“We live in a small rental house in trilly, which previously had no source of water. We are thankful that JEN came to our village and supplied us with safe water.  If nothing else,  we now have easier access to safe water.


November 6, 2018 in Afghanistan |