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JEN Tohoku Partner Meeting in 2018

Opened annual “JEN Tohoku Partner Meeting”. This year on September 4 and 5, as 3rd annual event, 5 Institutions and 10 people participated together with JEN Tohoku based 2 staffs and 2 outside specialists who support training and assessments.

Photo: all participants gathering
  1. Sharing knowledge among participants

Although each institution’s activities are different from each other, cooperating throughout communities and maximizing local capability and empowering people is common sense. In this meeting, we shared pooled knowledge and experiences amongst institutions.

  1. Acquiring interviewing skills

We learned interviewing skills including needs finding skill, monitoring skill, assessment skill, for making business better.

  1. Assessment on JEN partnership

By looking for last 3 years of activities, assessing JEN’s support quality and external specialist’s assessment on JEN’s partnership, we try to be more disciplined and improving our supports quality.

After Mr. Takahashi’s (Head of Tohoku Region) business/institution issue-raising workout session, Mr. Hiroshi Tanaka made interviewing skill learning class and exercise which attacked on issue raised in previous session.

Photo: Interview Training Session 01
Photo: Interviewing Training Session 02

On Day 2, Ms. Minako Nakatani, assessment specialist, made JEN assessment with partners by not having any JEN staffs. Continuously, Mr. Tanaka made Focus Group Discussion (FGD) class and exercise to attack on remaining issue raised previous day session, and all participants could obtain good intelligences.

Photo: Work Session

Many positive feedbacks from participants:

“Can recognize institution’s issue and can learn from other participants”
“Mr. Tanaka’s explanation was easy to understand and could make good learning on interviewing skill”

“Want to exercise in daily actions”

September 14, 2018 in Tohoku earthquake |