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Power up with PDCA method

At Business society, as a way to expedite production control and quality control, PDCA method (Plan→DoCheckAct) is considered as an important tool to improve process continuously. As for business to provide solution to social problem which JEN engaged, PDCA is also considered as an effective tool.

JE, together with a partner in Tohoku, is now carefully reviewing activities for last three months (April to Jun). At this review, we utilize following three questions.

(1)WHAT – What happen? (acknowledge)

(2) SO WHAT – What does it means? (understanding)
(3) NOW WHAT – What is next step? (Thinking)

Those three questions are very effective if you use those among several staff who engaged in business.

(1)WHAT; Not only we acknowledge how many staff participated, but we clearly remember that conversation among staff with situation. (2)SO WHAT; We analyze why this happen. Then, we can grab complicated situation at site 、(3)NOW WHAT; it should be clear what should device, improve and priotize at next time. We can improve quality of our initiatives/business by utilizing this practices.

Review session with save takata
Review session with midwife association

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