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Well Repairing in Khrab Al-Ashiq Village in Zummar District

Khrab Al-Ashiq Village is located in the north-west region of Iraq, in the Zummar District of Nineveh Prefecture. It is located approximately 100 km northwest of Mosul, and is home to about 800 families.


Khrab Al-Ashiq Village

              After August of 2014, many of the residents were forced to evacuate the area due to the invasion of armed forces, but after that died down in March of 2015, the repatriation movement began, and currently, almost all of the residents have moved back to the original village.

              Post-repatriation restoration has been a lengthy process. In 2017, after requests from the local government, JEN conducted analysis of the area. Results showed that the three wells located in the village were unusable, and as a result, the residents had no other choice but to collect rain water or purchase expensive store-bought water to get by.


Destroyed Well

              JEN performed repairs for two of the three wells in order to meet the needs of the local community. The pumps and pipes were exchanged and while creating a clean water accessible state for the community, reservoir tanks, maintenance facilities, and chlorine disinfection systems were implemented as well. The construction efforts ended in June of 2018 and the project was passed on to the local government.


A repaired well, maintenance facility, and reservoir tank


Mayor of Zummar, community leaders, and JEN staff members

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