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Safe water from constructed wells

From the 11 water wells JEN constructed in Chaparhar District in Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan, people are getting safe water of about 100 liters per person a day on average. Family members per household altogether fetch about 200 liters one time with jerrycans as in the photo. They go to the wells several times a day.

The global standard about the quantity of water per person a day during emergency is 7.5 – 15 liters. This merely covers basic drinking, personal hygiene and cooking needs. So 100 liters is well above it and enough. On the other hand, the average quantity of consumption per person a day in Japan is 375 liters, more than triple of the amount people we supported are getting.

People are saying, “Children used to be busy fetching water but can now have time for school and playing”, “We can save money since we no longer have to buy water”. We are happy and proud to be of help.

But Chaparhar is not free from safety, either. A very saddening, unfortunate incident happened in which some water well beneficiaries were involved and killed in a crossfire between the government and an armed opposition group. Many people stayed away from home and returned to find they have to start their new life from scratch. We helped them meet one of their basic needs. I sincerely condone those victims and wish they’d rest in peace and strongly hope people will resiliently survive in spite of difficulties.



June 14, 2018 in Afghanistan |


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