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Demand of Mott Grass

People take their livestock to the field for grazing, but it’s not enough to rely only on grazing. Farmers who can afford provide other sources of feed to their livestock to get maximum dairy production.   This article is again about Mott grass we let you know about the other day.

In 2016, during coordination meetings with the livestock department, JEN came to know about Mott grass seedlings which are evergreen, green fodder and contains much protein. In the government dairy farms, the grass is cultivated in wide areas for their livestock. JEN requested the farms’ director to provide Mott grass seedlings for our beneficiaries as the majority of population lacked balanced diet for their livestock.

Initially, JEN collected seedlings and distributed them to progressive farmers on a trial basis. After their successful cultivation, JEN again requested the director to provide more seedlings to cover maximum beneficiaries. Then the farm provided 7,000 seedlings, which are being distributed to 70 HHs.

During the seedlings distribution, their demand raised as the progressive farmers shared people how successful they grew seedlings. People from outside JEN’s targeted areas approached us through livelihood recovery committee (LRC) members for provision of seedlings. JEN coordinated with the government dairy farm director and requested to provide more seedlings to people having livestock. The director promised their further support in the coming season. It was decided with LRC that they would enhance the farmers, who are requesting for seedlings, to go by themselves to collect ones. Progressive farmers will demonstrate the cultivation method for those people.

Previously, people were not aware of this fodder and did not grow it, so the credit goes to the current project, JEN and the livestock department to introduce it to FATA.

[Farmers' meeting on Mott grass seedlings]

[Mott grass seedling distribution]


[Mott grass seedling collection in government dairy farm]


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