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“Training for Supporters of Management of Children’s Cafeteria” in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture

JEN is supporting “Shiokaze Kitchen” and “Shiokaze Dining”, which are Children’s Cafeteria operated by Miyako Council of Social Welfare of Iwate Prefecture.

In Japan, one in seven children live in poverty. Fifty percent of single-mother family live below the poverty line.
Every month, single parents, their children, volunteers, and staff of Miyako Council of Social Welfare gather at “Shiokaze Kitchen” to cook together, eat, and have fun. Sometimes the Cafeteria offers place to give a helping hand.

※We introduced this activity in August. However, for some people living far from “Shiokaze Kitchen”, which is held in urban area, it is difficult to participate casually. Miyako City is very large; it is double the size of 23 Wards of Tokyo, and some families live as far as one to two hours by car from urban area.

Therefore, Miyako Council of Social Welfare aims to hold and mobilize “Shiokaze Dining” in different areas of Miyako City so that more people can participate. In order to make it happen, cooperation of operation supporters of each area is necessary.

We invited Ms. Rie Yamaya, representative of a Non-Profit Organization IncluIwate and Mr. Masayuki Sato, representative of Non-Profit Organization Inaho, who operate Children’s Cafeteria in Morioka City, Iwate as speakers for the training for supporters of management of Children’s Cafeteria. We asked for participation of those interested in operation of Children’s Cafeteria. As a result, more than 80 local people participated!


【More than 80 local people participated in the training!】

The training presented different topics such as social background of children in poverty and status of single-parent family, as well as how to operate children’s cafeteria and atmosphere of participants. We introduced activities of “Shiokaze Kitchen” and asked for support for “Shiokaze Dining”. The participants listened sincerely to lectures and took notes.

We hope that “Shiokaze Dining” take place in different places in Miyako City, and provide opportunity for more children, parents, and local people to gather, and to become a base of support for people with difficulties.

【A scene from Training】

Photos provided by: Miyako Council of Social Welfare

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