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Female Involvement in Kitchen Gardening

In Pakistan, little by little people are returning to their homes following
the mop-up campaign against the armed groups. Look at the details here.

With the help of JEN’s supporters and the Japanese government JEN is working
on a livelihood improvement program, targeting the repatriated inhabitants of
FATA (Federally Administrated Tribal Area) Khyber Agency.
This program focuses on breeding livestock.


JEN has been providing returnees to Khyber Agency in FATA with livelihood support for them to restore economic activities. Hardworking women of the region not only run domestic responsibilities but also  perform firsthand livestock management as well as provide support in agricultural management, particularly kitchen gardening.
Mrs. Khanam is one of the women. JEN has supported them providing vegetable seeds and training back in 2015. Her daily morning routine starts with sending her three children to school and concluding domestic tasks such as cleaning/washing in the next couple of hours before she turns towards her small farm in the backyard of her home for kitchen gardening. In winter, she sows spinach seeds for the usage of her entire family members. Preparing the field for the seeds, watering them and taking care of the plants is her sole responsibility. Her husband supports in bringing organic fertilizer.

She explains in her own words, “After cultivation, we have fresh and home-grown spinach available which we cook frequently. It saves us money and is nutritious. I sometimes gift it to relatives and neighbors in my community.” She is a wise woman and keeps some quantity of seeds from the produce every season to sow in the next season for sustainable yield.

[Mrs. Khanam is cultivating spinach to prepare lunch for her children. She is holidng one of her relative children]

[Green field of spinach in the backyard is ready for cultivation]

[Seeds from the spinach plants to sow in next season]


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