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All programs of 14 years completed

JEN Sri Lanka Office will finish all of our programs  in Sri Lanka at the end of December 2017. JEN’s activates have been continued for 14 years since 2004 to support Tsunami affected people while the civil war was continuing. We came until today as we were supported by blog readers and supporters.

Through our programs of emergency response for Tsunami etc. as well as returnees’ support of the civil war, Sri Lankans kept making effort to be independent and development themselves to live better. This is because positive participation by people who joined JEN’s programs, cooperation with  the Sri Lanka government, patience of JEN’s national staff and back-up by JEN’S supporters.

We faced a lot of difficulties too. JEN’s staffs argued among themselves to discuss which projects were the best for participants’ independence. Sometimes, we needed to have long discussions with the government to decide what/how JEN should support those people. To bring up the participants’ motivation was also difficult because of poverty and further anxiousness. But everyone got over it to pay all their effort to make it happen.

[JEN’s staffs]


In Sri Lanka, it is forecasted that climate change might continue. We hope the people who have learned with JEN can use obtained knowledge and cope with difficulties.

Once again, thank you for your 14 years’ support!

[By all staffs of Sri Lanka, Kilinochchi Office and Colombo sub-Office]

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