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Iraq’s education system (2)

In Iraq, a comprehensive education was first started after the nation was put under the rule of the United States in 2003. Accordingly, the Ministry of Education in Iraq conducted a survey, which has revealed the following facts:

* One-third of elementary schools in the country have no water supply facilities. Among them, those in the provinces of Thi Qar, Salah al-Din and Diyala are most heavily damaged.

* Over 700 elementary schools across the country have been damaged by past bombings. In particular, in the capital Baghdad more than 300 schools, accounting for one-third of the total, have been damaged from fire and over 3,000 schools destroyed.

* Elementary schools in the province of Basra are filled with students well exceeding their capacities.

* In most elementary schools there is a shortage of facilities other than ordinary classrooms such as laboratories and libraries. In addition, their education is partly dependent on private institutions due to delays in curriculum implementation as well as lack of training and availability of teachers.

Now it has been 14 years since the change of government after the Iraq War, and the nation’s education system is further deteriorating due to various reasons. The government is conducting investigations to improve this situation, and they are also required to formulate long-term plans and create and implement solutions to the problems.

JEN will continue to provide assistance in education development in Iraq.

[A training session for teachers]

[A restored washroom]

[Children posing for the photo]

November 2, 2017 in Iraq |