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Counter-Drought Agriculture: vol.4

The cultivation of fields conventionally starts in October in the northern part of Suri Lanka.
But in recent years, there are little rains till October, and the shortage of water threatens to delay the launch of rice farming, the major industry in this country.

That is why JEN has distributed the seed of drought-resistant crops such as peppers to the farmers, as well as the drip irrigation materials so that they can produce other products than rice and make a living with what little water they have.

As for peppers, for example, there’re various kinds such as the non-GM, the indigenous, the hybrids, and so on. And each one of them is graded by the quality. The highly graded ones are produced under the collective control of the Suri Lankan government.

Those peppers grow about in 3 months, and farmers can get income by selling them without any intermediation.

【Staff packaging the crops.】

【Distribution ceremony】

【Seminar of drip irrigation】

【Installment of irrigation】

Longing for the arrival of rainy season, the farmers are busy in cultivating the filed.

(We heard that it has started raining since the end of October, and now they’re working hard planting the drought-resistant crops and preparing the rice patches.)

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November 9, 2017 in Sri Lanka |