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Cattle Market Sarband Peshawar

In Pakistan, little by little people are returning to their homes following
the mop-up campaign against the armed groups. Look at the details here.

With the help of JEN’s supporters and the Japanese government JEN is working
on a livelihood improvement program, targeting the repatriated inhabitants of
FATA (Federally Administrated Tribal Area) Khyber Agency.
This program focuses on breeding livestock.

Livestock is primary source of livelihood for many people across rural areas in KP and FATA. For the reason, weekly cattle markets take place in these areas. These provide business opportunities to farmers to sell their livestock. According to the administrators of Sarband cattle market, before dislocation of masses this cattle market used to be held in BARA Khyber agency. However this was shifted to a location called Sarband located at the entrance of Bara Khyber Agency.

Huge numbers of small and large ruminants are sold out on every Thursday at this location. Before dislocation, BARA market was generating high-income for local communities. This location is relatively safe so the business volume has increased over the time. Farmers bring many different types of animals to the market like Friesian cow, Sahiwal cow, Achai cow, Bulkhi Sheep, Waziristani sheep, Beetal goats and damani goats.

There is an administration team from government side who takes care of the whole event. The sellers pay PKR 200-300 per large animal and PKR 50-100 per small animal as administration charges each time the they come to attend the market. Each week around 4 hundred small ruminants and 3 hundred large animals are sold in this market.

Many other people also get benefit from this market like transporters, livestock feed vendors and the local restaurants. There are two private veterinary facilitation centers located in Sarband cattle market. Livestock Farmers can avail the opportunity to consult private veterinary officers regarding vaccination, treatment and first aid for their livestock. This cattle market will serve as a potential business point for our beneficiaries in the future resulting in the development of their livelihoods.



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November 2, 2017 in Pakistan |