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Tohoku Partner Meeting 2017

The “Tohoku Partner Meeting” was held at “Epoca” which is the accommodation providing the conference facility near the bullet train station called Kurikoma Kogen in Miyagi prefecture from October 3 to 4, 2017. This is an annual event where seven organizations that partner JEN in its  activities in the Tohoku area but usually work separately in different areas got together.


Although each organization has its own theme of activities, there is one big common vision. That is “Restoration which leaves nobody behind”. 

On the first day, a relay talk was done to share information.

While they are a group of specialists, they get close to the local community and carry out activities to expand the relationship with the target groups.
• Nursing class for men: Support of male caregivers by care managers, dentists, doctors, nutritionists etc. (Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture)
• Fukushima Midwives Association: Support of mothers and children by midwives, and activities to support breastfeeding and weaning by multi-disciplinary cooperation such as doctors, nutritionists, childcare workers and so on (whole of Fukushima prefecture)
• Training Center for Gender & Disaster Risk Reduction: To promote disaster prevention that ensures that mothers and children, and handicapped people are not left behind (Iwaki, Fukushima prefecture)

To establish a place mainly for single-parent families and “Kodomo Shokudo” as a place where regional cooperation occurs.

•Miyako City Council of Social Welfare (Miyako, Miyagi prefecture)

•Inclu Iwate (Morioka, Iwate prefecture)

To promote the involvement of people who are important to the future of the community to participate in community development.

•SAVE TAKATA: The promotion of community development by junior and senior high school students and teamwork with adults (Rikuzentakata, Iwate prefecture)

•Women’s Eye: Provide support to empower young women to be active in the community (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima)

At the social gathering at night, various interactions such as promising to visit one another and planning joint projects have taken place.

From the afternoon of the first day to the evening of the second day, a seminar on marketing was held by Mr. Yoji Nagahama, who is the representative director of PubliCo.inc, a think tank specializing in marketing for nonprofit organizations and whose mission is to establish organizations that can change society.



The partnership with JEN is now at the turning point and each organization has to continue and develop its projects by itself about a year and a half later*. From the perspective of marketing, this event has become a great power for their next step, as it has enabled them to learn how to gain supporters and participants while enhancing the quality of their own projects by the lectures and practices.


*Although the financial support to Inclu Iwate has ended, JEN continues to support them in terms of their operations.

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