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Report on Kirkuk


JEN is carrying out its activities in and around the capital Baghdad, which is under the jurisdiction of the Iraqi central government, and in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region in northern Iraq. In both areas, we provide assistance to those who have fled from attacks by armed groups and citizens living in the communities that accommodate them.

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Currently, tensions are increasing between the Iraqi central government and the Kurdish autonomous government. While minor conflicts are repeated between them after the Kurdish autonomous government carried out a referendum seeking independence, people from Kirkuk, whose number is said to be as many as 100,000, have started to temporarily evacuate for their safety in October. Refugees from Kirkuk are arriving at the camp in northern Iraq where JEN has been working since 2015. It has been nearly a month since restrictions on foreigners, including Japanese nationals, traveling to the Kurdish autonomous state has been imposed.

...Areas where JEN has worked so far
...Kurdistan Autonomous Region
Area: 43.74 km2 approx. (about 1.2 times the area of Japan); Population: 36.42 million;
Languages: Arabic, Kurdish, and others; Major industry: petroleum (From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

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Currently, the border between Turkey and the northern Kurdish autonomous region is closed. We also cannot travel on land in Iraq for security reasons. The staff members dispatched from Japan have currently evacuated from Duhok, and are working remotely from neighboring Jordan. Giving the highest priority to their security, our local staff members in Iraq are smoothly carrying out their normal assistance activities.

JEN will continue to provide necessary assistance to Iraq although its security situation is constantly changing and becoming more complex.
We would most appreciate your support for our emergency assistance activities in Iraq.

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