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Iraq’s education system (1)

In Iraq, school education began in 1921, and in the early 1970s education in public schools became free, allowing every child to receive school education.

The Constitution established in 1970 stipulates that primary education is compulsory and all education, including university, is free, guaranteeing the right to receive education for everyone.

In addition, a comprehensive campaign to improve literacy rate across the nation was initiated in 1978 for people between the ages of 15 and 45. As a result, the illiteracy rate has dropped from 48% in 1978 to 9.19% in 1987.

According to a UNESCO report, Iraq’s education system had been the best among the neighboring countries until 1991, when the Gulf War broke out.
However, the education system deteriorated after the Second Gulf War and the economic sanctions that lasted for 13 years became a burden, which not only worsened the quality of education, but also gradually lowered the literacy rate. School dropouts also increased due to the worsened economic condition of the people.

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[A hygiene education session]

[A tooth-brushing lesson]

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