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Counter-drought Agriculture: vol. 3

In this post, we’ll catch up with a family introduced in our previous report, who grow peppers with a hand-made irrigation. What is becoming of it since then? How big do they grow?

Look! There’re many plump pepper hulls coming out!

【Madame Servamani harvesting peppers】

Madame Servamani told us that they’ve already enjoyed the harvests several times. When we visited, there were many plump hulls ready to be cropped.

【The cropped peppers】

In addition to peppers, they are growing egg plants in the upper tier, which need a bit more time to ripe.

【Tiny green egg plants waiting for the harvest.】

【The egg plants of the center tower have grown faster and bigger than the left one.】

We’re planning to compile 20 examples of water-saving agriculture into a booklet, which we wish may help the droughts-troubled district to improve the productivity by applying some of those ideas on their farms.

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October 19, 2017 in Sri Lanka |