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Aiming for the establishment of seed banks

Have you heard of seed banks?
As the name suggests, it is a mechanism to lend seeds.

As we have often been reporting, Sri Lanka is a country which is vulnerable to climate change. In particular, in the northern part of the country, plants do not grow due to droughts and crops cannot be harvested, nor can seeds for the next planting be harvested.

To improve this situation, JEN is considering establishing seed banks in cooperation with agricultural cooperatives in various parts of the country.

In preparation, we are holding workshops on what seed banks are, how to collect and preserve appropriate seeds, what is necessary for the establishment and operation of seed banks, and when and how they will be available.

Many households are preserving seeds on a private basis, and their preservation method varies. Preserving seeds at community level will allow more types of seeds to be properly stored in accordance with the characteristics of each area, and this will make it possible to lend seeds in emergency.

[A lecturer uses cartoons to explain how to harvest seeds]

[A lecturer explains how to preserve seeds]

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October 5, 2017 in Sri Lanka |