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Activity Exhibition

In Pakistan, little by little people are returning to their homes following
the mop-up campaign against the armed groups. Look at the details here.

With the help of JEN’s supporters and the Japanese government JEN is working
on a livelihood improvement program, targeting the repatriated inhabitants of
FATA (Federally Administrated Tribal Area) Khyber Agency.
This program focuses on breeding livestock.


The government and NGOs jointly hosted an event on October 10 in Pakistan. The attendees looked back on aid given to North-West Pakistan and discussed about future support.

【Exhibition site】

Representatives from the government, academia, the United Nations, and NGOs made speeches, and discussed the importance of self-help efforts, cooperation, and resilience when disasters strike. Also, 20 NGOs including JEN exhibited their activities.

【JEN’s booth】

JEN displayed photos of its activities and some supplies and equipment used in its support activities.

【Visitors eagerly asking questions】


The attendees visited each NGO’s exhibition booth and asked about their activities. They were impressed after learning that JEN has been supporting people by helping them to generate income through dairy farming.
Some attendees were students, and they asked us many questions. We explained some of our activities such as educational programs and technical transfer of livestock management.

October 12, 2017 in Pakistan |