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A summary of JEN projects in Kurdistan

It has been three years since JEN started working in Kurdistan with IDPs (Internally
Displaced Persons) and implementing different projects in areas affected by armed group. JEN now is doing projects in Mamilian IDPs Camp in Akre city, Sinjar district, Zummar sub district and Mosul city. 
Where the most vulnerable are.
Since it opened, JEN has been in charge of WASH services in Mamilian
IDPs Camp.  In the beginning, there were around 2,500 families living in the camp which were from different back ground. Since the armed group was defeated and the southern side of Sinjar city became safe in the past few months, some of those that heard through the local media that their home village is liberated returned home or to go to other camps. .  Yet, some of them will still continue living in the camp.  JEN will continue to support them by providing the best WASH services that we can. Our mission here is to help people be aware of the risk of diarrhea and the importance of hand washing and personal hygiene in maintaining health.

【 Families leaving Mamilian IDPs Camp】

<Liberation of Mosul>
After Mosul was liberated, JEN started to provide water trucking in west Mosul. Every day JEN delivers almost 800,000 litters of safe water to almost 80,000 people.

【JEN water trucking in West Mosul】

<Sinjar City, Sinjar Mountain and Sanuni Sub district>
In late 2014, JEN was one of the first international NGO to support IDPs on Sinjar Mountain and the few people remaining in Sinjar City after the liberation. The area became safer day by day and the number of returnees are increasing in Sinjar City.  JEN supported their return by rehabilitating one of the main water facilities; and are happy to see that families are coming back and reconstructing their broken houses. Next, JEN will work on school rehabilitation in Sinjar city so that the newly returned children have a school to study.

Water trucking is on going on Sinjar Mountain, JEN delivers water for displaced families there every day.

【Sinjar Mountain, A Water Tank, rehabilitated by JEN】

<Zummar Sub district>
In Zummar, 95% of families have already returned to their villages.  The fighting there was brief but there was still a lot of damage to infrastructure, houses, water sources and pipes and the schools.  People need these things to get their lives restarted and JEN delivers water by trucking in six villages of this area.  The water source was destroyed by armed group  and will take time to be repaired. The Local people are still waiting for the rehabilitation of the infrastructure. JEN will continue water trucking until mid of December and also working with water directorate to find other sustainable solutions for those villages.

【Frequent monitoring of rehabilitated water trucking】

Blog by: Hozan Kamal Hussein and Sherwan Meerhaj Muhammed. 
Photo credits :  © JEN Iraq

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